Curved, Arched & Shaped uPVC Windows and Doors

West-End Windows offer specialist shaped uPVC windows and doors including circles, angles windows, D frames, arches, Gothic frames, vertical sliders, shaped doors, as well as other custom bespoke shapes to fit into the required space.

They are all available in Standard White or Brilliant White, rosewood, Irish oak and Mahogany. All of the windows and doors are made to measure and can be made to match the style of the old curved windows that they are replacing.

D-Frames and Arches

The D-frames have a subtle curve at the head of the window/door and have a natural D shape. Both these D frames and the arched frames are fully welded so there is a complete smooth finish and no sign of a mechanical joint.

Gothic Arches

Gothic frames are mainly used in older buildings, particualy in churches and places of worship. The windows usually characterised by reaching a point at the head of the window.


Gable Ends

If you have specific bespoke requirements then we will be happy to discuss this with you. Why not call us on 0117 966 7661 and one of our team will be happy to help.

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