Monarch Crown Patio Doors

Monarch Crown patio doors

The Monarch name is synonymous with the very best in door design and the latest sliding patio doors are no exception. Engineered for strength, stability, performance and aesthetics, these wide opening doors let you enjoy the best views and, with our strong yet slim frame design, the light floods in too.

We have a sliding door solution for every project with our Monarch Crown Aluminium Patio Doors collection. These aluminium patio doors are available in 98mm and 120mm versions offering even more flexibility.

The 98mm Crown patio door has been awarded an 'A' Door Energy Rating- The first in the UK!

Monarch Crown Aluminium 120mm Patio Door

Aluminium Patio Doors

Ideal for new build projects.

Meets and surpasses the area weighted average U values stipulated in Part L of the Building Regulations. Even lower U values can be achieved by using 'Soft Coat' low emissivity glass, argon gas filling and thermally enhanced spacer bar.

Overall total width possible 6400mm.

Glazing 24mm and 28mm.

Patio 120mm technical drawings

Monarch Crown Aluminium 98mm Patio Door

Crown aluminium patios

Ideal for refurbishment projects by reducing the need for plaster and internal finishes to be cut back for installation.

The only aluminium sliding patio door to achieve an 'A' Door Energy Rating. Can also achieve 1.4 U-value- easily surpassing Building Regulations Plat L 2010.

Overall total width possible 6353mm.

Glazing- 28mm.

Aluminium patio 98mm technical drawings

Patio sizes